Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The next adventure starts...

Hi Campers.

Wanted to come back and give you the news - Johns on the run.

I will be leaving this Friday (yes that is the 4th of July Friday) for a 25 day trip... and I am not heading to Woodstock.

This will be the longest trip away for me and my family. No real choice in the matter as it starts and it don't stop till it's done. It will be my longest trip, but my most stationary. I will be on a Navy ship the whole time. I might need therapy after this one (okay, more therapy than I already get).

More details to come. Might switch the blog over to Word Press. I am also finishing up a editing project for International Justice Mission, so time is really tight.

Hang on folks, time to follow the lonely traveler again.

At least this time I won't get lost as much - I hope...



Tom said...

Now you've really got me curious, man.

John G said...

Oh you ain't seen nothin' yet. Sinapore to East Timur to Australia.

And I get to see it all from a boat...

The details are coming.

(I was hoping for a shorter trip, but the client calls and you do what you have to do)