Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Just finished the "Shellback" test - I made it!

Four hours of yelling, screaming, crazy songs, exercise nazis, blowing dirty water out of tie down holes on the flight deck, crawling through oatmeal, oranges, drinking special juice blindfolded, hose spraying, gatorade swimming and a whole lot more - welcome to the Navy. This is a rite of passage for people crossing the equator on a navy vessel. It was used as a test for shipmates to make sure you had what it takes. Now the Navy has toned it down, way down. They don't even swear at you anymore (although there were a few slips...) and of course, no picture taking at all. You even had to sign a waiver form to participate.

So you will have to trust me on this one, it was fun! Except maybe waking up at 5:00am and eating green eggs and ham without be able to use utensils. I will take a picture of the shirt I made and that will prove it!

Steel beach is tonight (casual dress and cook out). Looks like the cook out will happen in the mess hall because of high winds on the flight deck. I will take some pics and movies and send them off.

Gotta run and grab some chow.



gyovai family said...

dad- that sounds crazy!!! well we can now call you a real navy shellback passer.........kool kool. hope you had fun at the cook out.

John G said...

The cook out was a cook in and we had ribs and chicken. The food is pretty good!