Tuesday, July 29, 2008

John makes it home and some Darwin shots

I made it home safe after 32 hours of riding in airplanes. Not a lot of fun, but the backside of a long trip never is. No real issues with flights and luggage, so count your blessings. Here are some images.


Sunset from the Mercy deck on our way to Darwin, Australia. It was one night and two days of travel.

My last breakfast on ship. Gotta give credit to the Navy - not to bad.

Made anchor in the morning and this was our view of Darwin. A small but very nice city with shopping, beaches and plenty of natural habitat.

This is the small port we came into. We arrived on a private boat and had to go through customs just to the right of this picture. That's Australian Navy ships in the background. Don't get to comfy with the scenery. We had large carp swimming around the pier (crystal clear water) and the boat helper told us he has a nice picture of a 13ft. croc sunning on the boat ramp about 25 ft away from the customs area - ouch!

A little beach music - Australian style. Had to dig the local grooves. This guy was way cool playing the dijerie doo (Sp?). Hard to believe one person gets all that sound out of those things. Also had a drummer to the left. Loads of fun!


Tom said...

Glad you made it home alright, man, and stayed away from that croc. 32 hours on planes sounds like no fun at all. Get some rest... before the next trip. :)

John G said...

The only plane ride that was really bad was the one in the us from LA to Washington, DC. Just a small cramped plane on the end of a long trip. but like I said, no real horror stories. Glad to be home, although it does feel weird to not have the same routine everyday. Who knows what's next...

Tom said...

How's it going with the coffee book?

John G said...

Well, I don't know. I have about 2,000 pictures and some are pretty good (many are repeats in the same scene). I chose to make most of my schedule the video schedule and take pictures at the same time. Only so many shots of this stuff you can take. I will let you know what the client thinks after a review. It was fun doing photography (and a little easier than video, but don't tell anyone :).