Thursday, July 17, 2008

I am alive...

Hey there.
Made it back after 6 days in the jungle (or small town in the mountains).

Wanted to let you know I am back and in good health except for a cold I have picked up sleeping next to a window. It would not have been so bad if I had brought sheets and blankets on the trip. Somehow I missed that memo. So I went with nothing but the sheet on the bed (if you can call it a bed) and my towel as a blanket. I was very tired and usually get run down and pick up the a little cough. Need to rest and take some Comtrex...

Will post some visuals very soon. I will also find out what's next. Overall we had about 1000 people come out to the clinic. One case of some really bad foot disease that no one could explain, lots of TB patients and some interesting Australian security detail with big muscles and big guns and a couple of really cool Black Hawk helicopter rides.

Some firsts for me:
-MRE for lunch daily (meals ready to eat)
-Actually using the Asian "squatty" toilet (whole in the ground)
-Black Hawk helicopter ride
-Taking a shower in the toilet (hose water - did that twice and it was bad...)
-Loving being back on the ship! (and I thought it was tough here, but now - 5 star hotel!)

Made 23 new friends on the trip. Will have some pictures later. Have to get some ready for the ships Ops briefing tonight. They will be showing some of my pictures :-)

See ya!

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