Thursday, April 17, 2008

NAB fades into black

Well I made it through 4 days of walking and talking. I am so tired I could drop and not move for two days. Never thought standing with camera gear and talking to every stranger that walks by would be so tiring. This is a picture with Danny and his wife Shulimate at the DV TEC booth (which of course my spelling of Shulimate is way off I am sure, so sorry).

Sitting at the Aunties Annie Anne's pretzel store getting ready for a red eye flight back. Sorry about no updates, to tired to run around with the camera. I did have Nate Clarke tell me I made it on a podcast video clip walking in the background. I will post the link when I find it!

Didn't get to see much, but was impressed by Red, DV Multi Rig Pro (where I worked), final Cut Server, Adobe Premier Pro, Panasonic Cameras, people playing back hi-res footage from Macbook Pro Laptops at their booths, J-lab LCD Monitor and Red Rock Micro Matte Box.

Things not so impressive: Wedding shooters (sorry, I just call it as I see it), Japanese and Chinese companies at the show that don't speak english, short people (okay, I am tired and need someone to pick on), people in suits, 8 dollar cheeseburgers and people who have money to actually buy new equipment.

Thanks to Matt at Mcgee Digital for allowing a roommate to tag along (do you get the bill for the midgets?).

Fun time had by all. Now back to work that pays the bills!



Anonymous said...

Go to and under featured video, click on FreshDV@NAB 2008 - Redrock Cinema Accessories (Mixed Veggies).
We see John at 5:45.

John G said...

Cool beans. Will check it out. I am not holding a beer or anything bad right?

Matt said...

Good to have you aboard John. Sally the smallest midget, misses you dearly