Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Scenes from the ship...

Here are some pics while we travel. We arrive at East Timor July 12th. Two more days to travel and we will be there. I am also working on some small video clips from the boat. Did my first load of laundry this morning at 5:00am. It is tricky to find the time when one of the other 1000 ship mates is not trying to get some laundry done!

Looks like I will run a documentary film and discussion group tonight in the officers lounge. We will watch the Beauty Academy of Kabul. Wish I had Tom Eckblad with me (they would love the long hair Tom!). Should be interesting.


Sunset day 2

Sunset day 3

Flight deck

Ready and watching

Bug Spray on steroids

From the bridge

Running at night


gyovai family said...

dad- it must feel great being on the open sea, seeing nothing but blue water around you. wait so are you on a boat with real navy seals???? hope they liked the documentary cause i thought that one was a good one. stay healthy and have fun


Jeff S said...


The pics look great, how do you like the 5D?

I vote for the chair and a nice "high and tight".

Jeff S.

gyovai family said...

Hey dad! its mason.
glad to hear that your having a good time. things are going pretty good here, oh! did i tell you im married! just kidding.... but seriously i am...
im going to the beach soon. wish you were coming.
i pray that god will keep you safe.
love you.


gyovai family said...

Hey Honey, The pictures are beautiful. I love the sunset (wish I were there). We miss you but are excited about your big adventure. It sounds like an amazing trip. Hope all is going well. Excited to hear about the discussion group. We are all great. The boys went swimming yesterday (Trey/Mason/Josh/Harley/Hayden) and Mallory is excited for Marisa and Tori to arrive. We are keeping busy. Josh stayed over last night, he and Trey worked on music till 5:00 a.m. We are proud of you. Love you - Ang

John G said...

Hi Gyovai Family!
Thanks for sending me comments. It feels great to hear from you - please keep them coming!

Mallory - Open sea is very nice. I have not seen any dolphins swimming with us (sometimes that happens because they like the waves from the motors). No Navy seals, but we do have two security details manning the guns.

Mason - Glad to hear you are having fun. Go ahead and get married, just make sure she has money because you have NO JOB! Thanks for praying buddy. Miss you!!!!

Ang - Thanks for the update. I am still trying to get phone cards to call home with. They are in the ship store and out most of the time. I did my first load of laundry today and everything turned out okay -). Miss you very much. Hang in there, I will be home soon!!!

Jeff - I like the 5d. It is not a miracle worker, but up to iso 800 is very clean. I shot some low light to 1600 and it was not bad. Not taking to many pictures until I get to land. I think I am skipping the haircut. I saw the line to get one today and the guys in line had very short hair and I asked one guy about it and he said it was to long. I think it is not so much of a cut as a shave! I have a lumpy head and don't think a shave will work. Although "free" is always tempting -) Thanks for posting, missing the mountain bike riding...