Friday, July 11, 2008

Pictures and updates...

Hey there.
Almost 11:00pm here and I am wiped out. A few interesting pictures for you to see. First up is another sunset with a helicopter doing manuevers and the one after that is the helpicopter working on take offs and landings on the flight deck. It is always windy on the ship and the take off/landing spot is not that big of an area and interesting to watch them ride those birds in wit hthe wind. The helicopters are of course very loud and shake the top of the boat - especially when you are eating below in the mess hall. Pretty cool to watch them take off and fly away...

Next up is a the shirt I made and wore at our "Shellback" event. It was done in marker and all the red washed out (or on me). I was "DJ Dish-Wog." Everyone was a Pollywog before finishing the event and now is a bonna fide Shellback. This proves I was there and the sore muscles prove I had to do lots of push ups and sit ups.

The last picture is what happened tonight. We sailed by a VOLCANO!!!! It was really, really cool. Just this massive rock sticking out of the sea spitting out ash or smoke (or something) and I have the shots to prove it:

It would spit out stuff every once in a while from the center. It is not a lava volcano, just a smokey one. Really fun to go by it; lots of people out taking pictures.


Here is what I know from my schedule. We are arriving in East Timor in the morning. We go on shore for the opening ceremony (10:15am our time - we are 13 hours ahead). Lots of big wigs from the country including their president. Then it is back to the boat for the rest of the day. I am trying to get another film discussion group together for the evening. They cancelled the one for tonight because of some Navy training. They have also asked to run them on the ship's closed circuit tv for everyone to be able to watch - pretty cool. We will still get our group together and discuss the film. We can only fit about 40 people in the room, so it can't get too full. Apparently they like docs. Part of it is people hungry for good content and not just movies and lot's of people in the military with world experiences that connect them with global issues.

I will save another special announcement for tomorrow's blog.

Thanks for following along.



gyovai family said...

dad- i don't get the whole DJ dish wog thing??? we just got back from grandma patty's and are excited to be going to the beach in 4 days!! while i was up there doing chores for grandma to earn some beach money, i was vacumming her car. Of course like in minnesota i was barefoot, and stepped on some clover where a bumble bee was flying. Well as you probably would have guessed what would happen next, it stung me before i could see it (right on the sole instep of my foot). i screamed like a baby and tried shaking it off with no luck, so i ran to grandma and she had to swat it twice before it got off. having never been stung by a bee before they didn't know if i was allergic or not and it hurt BAD!!!! my foot is still a little swollen but other then that i am good. today, tuesday that is, i will be weeding the flower beds and helping mom and then tomorrow mom and me are picking rasberries and i will clean the car to get ready for the beach!!! did you know that we have wild rasberries groing in the woods?? grandma makes the best jam out of them. miss you tons, really gonna miss having a playmate at the beach to catch the waves with me and to catch crabs and "eat" jellyfish. have fun jungle man,


John G said...

Hi Sis.
Thanks for writing. i love to hear from and appreciate all the details. I can picture you running and screaming to Grandma. Hopefully you can still live in the country and go outside with your shoes off. Do we need to set up an appointment with Fred? Are you scared emotionally?

I sure do wish I was going to beach with you. Maybe we can still get a weekend trip together. They have some beautiful water here around the island. The beaches are undeveloped, so you can have them to yourself (although the sand does not look to good). I hope you have fun with the cousins at the beach and remember - BOYS ARE GROSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Remember that until you are 25.


I love you.