Saturday, July 5, 2008

Landed in Tokyo...

Just a quick update from an internet terminal in the airport. Pictures will come later, but wanted to catch you up.

I have been traveling 13 hours on a plane from Dulles Airport and now have a 3 hour layover in Tokyo, Japan (Naritia Airport). Will take the 6 hour flight to Singapore and then head right to the Navy ship. Did I say "Navy Ship"? I will be three weeks on-board the Navy hospital ship "Mercy." We will travel to East Timor in Indonesia. I will be doing filmmaking and photography for Project Hope (

Follow along as "I be all I can be" (or is that the villiage people?).

So far no problems except for the lack of sleep (3:30am east coast time as I write).

Hang on - it should be fun!



Scott said...

Looking forward to getting a taste of our own medicine, and following your process in real time.

Ourselves, we've just landed in LAX after quite a long flight via Bangkok-spent a couple of decompression days there eating everything in sight, and now it's a couple interviews to shoot here today then a quick standby flight to Seattle and back to the pixel mines.

Safe journeys.

Scott + Amy

John G said...

You guys musty be on steroids!

Thanks for following along. Just a simple travel blog with thoughts and ideas about the world I will be traveling in.