Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Movie clips from the USNS Mercy...

From the boat:

In the Boat:


Tom said...

Hope you don't sleep walk, man. :) And the tanker being built was super cool. Titanic II.

John G said...

No sleep walkin' for me. The tanker was unreal. I have some better pictures that I might share.

Thanks for following along. Glad to see the office space (I am jealous) and things seem to be going well. hopefully we will be working together soon!

Blessings Bro.

gyovai family said...

dad- that oil rig was really big i wonder how long it will take them to build. your sleeping quarters seemed cozy but a little small for such a tall guy.
love you, mallory

John G said...

Hi Sis.
Actually the bunk is long enough (surprise), you just have to be careful when you roll around or actually move in general. I am in the way back of this berthing area, so the a/c is pretty weak. I like the curtain as you create your own privacy.