Saturday, July 12, 2008

Saturday news and reviews...

Word up...
Just wanted to report the latest happenings and include some video clips and pictures. Today was the first day off the ship since Singapore. We (Malcolm, my filmmaking counterpart), went in to Dilli to the opening ceremonies. Pretty low key, but was worth the effort. I have a couple pictures from the helicopters dropping stuff off and picking stuff up on the pier. But first up is the latest news from today: I will start with the little news I told you about in the previous entry, I am leaving for a five day trip to the other side of Timor. We get to fly by helicopter over the mountains to a fairly remote place and set up for what they call a MedCap. It really is like a medical clinic with doctors and nurses. She see a lot of people and I am excited to go. So no communication for five to six days :-( The other new is that we tried ot run another Doc film discussion group, but the DVD player did not like the DVD and would sputter on playback. Kind of a bummer. We had about 20 people. Will pick back up with it when I return.
That's about it for new news. Here is a look at the mess hall and the food we eat:

I have more clips but time is against me and I need to get at least SOME sleep. These are some pics from the trip in for the opening cermonies:

Well folks I gotta run. I will be off the air for a few days and will be back with a whole bunch of pictures and stories. Stay tuned and keep those comments coming!



Tim G. said...

Hey John,
Good to see the pics and updates and you doing good. Had a blast with the kids yesterday at Jaxx. Just think we used to hit Jaxx at the same least when I could use your ID.

Stay safe.


Dee said...

Hey John:

Everything looks amazing. I am so proud of you. Look what you get to do and then come back to us to tell such important stories. I'll be praying for all of you of the ship and the patients you help. I am praying for safety in the region you are visiting as well.

Stay safe & love you, brother.


John G said...

Thanks guys.

Tim - I don't know what you are talking about... I was an angel at that age!

Dee - Thanks. Just made it back from the woods safe and sound.