Saturday, July 19, 2008

Some pics from the MedCap...

The MedCap was on the other side of the Island of Timor Leste. It is basically a medical clinic with adult/peds docs seeing patients with dental (extractions) and Opto (eyeglasses). We went by helicopter and stayed from Sunday through Friday. Here are some pics from the trip. They are out of order (blogger, I hate you), but I will leave comments for each picture...

We had an Australian security detail working traffic for us. They were big, strong with muscles and guns. We had no problems :-)

This is one of my favorites (other one coming up). This little girl was afraid of me, not the first time mind you, so I shot this from the hip walking by her. I guess, for me, it was capturing her at a time when she was unaware. It is simple, but she was lovely in the red dress. I have a lot more of her.

Dr. Jonathan Green (my new friend) from Project Hope exams a patient. I have a ton of patient stuff, but wanted to give you a just a few. I didn't even notice the camera guy in the background. They flew some media people out for a 30 minute photo op.

I love this dental picture because of the man's shirt. My son Trey would love that shirt. Of course, I love the overhead view and wide angle lens.

This is another one of my favorites. This lady was traveling to the landing zone for transport to the ship by helo. I scored a ride in the back of the truck with them. The little girl on the right is going for a cleft surgery. I love the positioning, the lighting and the way they are holding each other. I believe what adds power to this shot is the eyes looking into the camera. There is a level of uncertainty about what is next. At the LZ, the women started crying as some of her children showed up to say goodbye. Can you imagine living in a village all your life and then getting in a truck, on a black hawk helicopter and flying to a hospital ship for surgery?

The Aussies set up a line to control the flow of people entering the gate.

Group shot. These are the 23 people on the trip. A few civilians, reservists, public health, Navy, Air Force and Army. I was behind the camera. Notice the dog? This was the dog who stayed with us at our place. We named her "Ribs" Not a hard guess as to why. We plumped her up some before we left.

Me on the Black Hawk helicopter. Pretty fun ride. On the way back they gave us the extra special version and swooped through mountains and valleys. Way cool!

This was the LZ (landing zone for you non-military type). The Australians base camp was just to the lower right of the picture.

Shot from the town bridge on a little walking tour.

Riding to the place we are going to stay in the back of a big mititary truck. Watch the bumps cause it gets rough.

Man peeks over fence as he waits in line. The clinic was run at a local school. Not uncommon to have glass embedded in the top of the concrete wall in other countries.

Thanks for looking through the pictures. I have about 1495 more, but it is pretty slow to upload on the computers here. It is nice to keep you posted and show you some of my world.

Health update: Was able to take a three hour nap today. Still feeling under the weather. Hopefully this cold will turn around soon, if not, off to sick call...

Thanks for following along....


BRPN said...

So great to see your pictures. What an amazing time you must be having. We send you much love from Charlottesville.

Christie, Reed and nephew Elijah

NonFiction said...

Great looking pictures. I'm eager to see the whole story. Hope you'll post something, yeah?

John G said...

Thanks for the comments.

Christie - thank for following along. Amazing stuff for sure. The only downside is not getting to to go to all the interesting places. I did the 5 day medcap which really locked me in at one place. i missed the opportunity to go to other places.

Scott - I am only working on the coffee table book and not the web stories (as far as editing). The book will not be done until early 2009. Thanks for following.