Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Flying home!

After yesterday's 15 hour day, I am getting ready for the trip home this morning. Will take 10 hours with the time change and lay overs - o' what fun...

Thanks for following along!


Door People 2

Video clips from today

So here are two almost the same clips from my digital still camera. I asked one of the actors (the on camera guy) to record some will I ran camera. At least I thought about you while I was doing something else (a rare thing for me).

Shooting with the Canon XH-A1, handheld rig, Brevis 35 adapter and Ikan monitor.


Monday, March 17, 2008

Production stills from today

Since I can't seem to work out exporting clips in the right aspect ratio (will research that one), I have decided to show some pics. They are from an interview done today. A few things to notice: small room, minimal lighting and "it's not my tripod." What a wonderful start to the day when you are setting up and realize the tripod is back at the hotel. Had to borrow one from the church we were shooting at make it work. And yes they are all the same interview...

Also shot another scene from the scripted piece and captured some b-roll from a training meeting.


Sunday, March 16, 2008

One day of shooting done

Hey there.
Benn working on exporting some footage and a no go. Aspect ratio is off on the 16x9 HD material. Man, I hate technology. I tried, but can't seem to get it to work.

More interviews tomorrow and collecting footage for second project. Will give it one more try.

John arrives in Phoenix and meets Shaq!

Okay, so the second part is not true, but the first part is true - does that make it a half truth? We can call it marketing...

Anyway, I made here and it is 5:24am my time. Small delay in Denver and then another delay with the rental car. I flew Frontier and the bag check was not working so I was able to scoot on board without paying for an extra bag or weight. The above pic is is one weary guy ready for bed and the equipment I get to lug around.

Tomorrow I will be filmming at a church and doing some interviews in the afternoon. I should really unpack all the gear and get it ready for tomorrow, but I am too tired. Need the rest.

Will update at the end of tomorrow.

Thanks for following along.

Delays in Denver, new camera clip

Testing out my new still camera that I use for video clips. Looks like I will be able to edit the clips from this camera (a Panasonic). My microphone is not as good, but hopefully I can tweak it a little. We will call this an update, but it is really a test.


Friday, March 14, 2008

Saddle up campers for "Domestic Filmmaking"

Yup, you read it right, John is on the road again. This time I am heading out to Phoenix, AZ (I must be attracted to hot sand). You think it will be a piece of cake because it's America? Guess again!

I leave Saturday evening for four days of shooting two different projects. One is the domestic side of the international trip (remember that one?) and the other is a fun little promotional piece for Frontiers. This time I think I can bring you some behind the scenes footage and fun updates. My edit system is working and I am off to get a new still camera that will record in a video format I can do some quick editing so the adventure is a little less choppy. I have heard some people watched clips in reverse (mainly because I have to remember to load them in reverse :-).

We will give it another go, so follow along and as always:


Thursday, March 6, 2008

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Made it home with small delays and big "D"

Hey all.
Just wanted to let you know I am save and sound in Virginia. Came home last night tired, under the weather and with the big "D." Can you believe I go through Turkey, Morocco and France and eat whatever I want and then have some food on the airplane and it causes me extra trips to the toilet - funny. I think it was the sour cream salad dressing or the piece of cheese I ate that maybe the outside covering was not suppose to be eaten. Anyway, thanks Lufthansa.

Get to shoot tomorrow so it is only a day to rest and get the gear back together and pick up an interview in DC. Busy, busy.

Thanks again!