Friday, August 1, 2008

Hosting a family and friends screening...

I will be hosting a get together this evening at our home. Family and friends will come over to have some food and then view some pictures from the trip. I love stuff like this; just hanging out, eating some "grill food" and exploring the world through media.

Will update with some pictures this weekend!

From your "international correspondent"


Anonymous said...

Hey John,
Great coverage of your trip. This is inspiring. I will be leaving in a few weeks for a 2 week trip to India. I am totally stoked to be going. We will be filming in the central area around Hyderbad and then due east right on the Indian ocean. Not sure I will be able to send back coverage like yours but I'm going to try.

Catch you later.

John G said...

Have a great time Tony. India is the best and enjoy every second!