Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Wednesday bites the dust...

Here is the update for Wednesday:
Placed my final order for gear - a travel tripod. I recently sold my last one as it was stinky, not smelling, just stinky to use. I swore off using travel tripods, but things happen (kind of like travelers rash - don't ask) and I needed something to hold a camera for interviews. I don't expect to use it much and even purchased a still camera tripod and will add a video head to it. The plan is for it to come in on Friday at 10:30am before I leave at 12:30pm. I mean really, what could go wrong? It's FedEx and I am sure something won't happen like the package they did not deliver today because of "Ice." The great thing about last minute stuff is you loose good judgment and start making decisions like: I will buy the $114 tripod and pay $48 for shipping.

One small project done and off the books and one more to finish up tonight. Then it is a day with the family. Still no hotels booked, but I did wire money into a business account that I will use to book hotels and rent a car in Turkey. My new bank and the new business account I opened will not let you use their bank card overseas, or, in fact, Canada and Mexico - welcome to my life in the country :-).

Still expecting the Canon HV-20 from Nate Clarke at Fourth Line Films to come in from FedEx (the "Ice" issue). A little more shopping, prescriptions to fill (Ambien and Travelers Diarrhea), packing to begin and finding stuff to do in other countries once I get there. Plenty of time...

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