Monday, February 18, 2008

Dogs love me - Ephesus road trip pictures

So the dog's at John's house love me - I think...

Here are some pics on the road to Ephesus. Yes I drove. I gave a ride to one of John's friends to a town right before Ephesus. He did not speak a word of English. The only times we spoke, well kind of, was some hand directions he gave after we started driving out Izmir - the wrong way of course. The we went by an airport and he started drawing pictures of a stick figure and lines pointing to a circle. I finally figured out he was asking how much the plane ticket was to Turkey (not a picture of "this is how I am going to kill you"). Of course I blew his mind with my high priced multi country air fare. Guess he thinks he can never make it out now.



gyovai family said...

Dad those dogs were cute!!!! is there a lot of strays walking around like in the other countries you've seen? i liked seeing those old ruins, kinda reminds me of rome just a bit, Glad to see you are doing so well stay warm!!


gyovai family said...

John - it is great to be able to communicate through the internet. We miss you and are keeping you in our thoughts. Did you buy a new coat? We just arrived back from WVA and had a GREAT time, everyone sends their love. I think of you often and am very proud of you. Keep up the good work and keep WARM :)
Love, Ang (the wife you took with you along with your luggage)

John G said...

Hi Mallory.
Yes there are some dogs that "Rome" around (I am so funny!). There are also cats, but the cats don't have bent tails like in Malaysia or broken tails like in Africa. Saw about ten cats running free in Ephesus. I have more pictures to show when I get back. Remember you can click on the picture to see a larger image.

Ang - Thanks for blogging (you are such a techie!). Glad things went well in WVA. Miss you guys much. I should have listened to you and packed the gloves and hat. John (the American Doc) gave me a fleece jacket. He is a great guy, very giving and a big guy so you don't say no. Will keep in touch. Just remember, all the stuff that sounds a little dangerous I make up, I am just sitting around hanging out with friends. God is in charge!

All my love!!!!!!!!!!!!