Thursday, February 21, 2008

Blogger working again!

Hey gang.

Here is the deal. Blogger is working at the new Cyber Cafe across from the hotel I am staying for the next 6 days. I will continue to blog and make this more informational with some pictures. I will add videos to my Vimeo site. So please click the link on the left to see videos. I should be updating every day now. I will also upload some larger files from the normal video camera (work footage and could even do some in HD). I will be transfering all my footage to my photography drive as I was told today by guide that they like to take your footage at the airport inspection if they think you are a professional and did not get permits (ooops!). I will transfer the footage to the drive and at least have a back up in case they take my tapes.

One day down in the Medina in Fez. Pretty incredible sights and sounds. I have also created a Flickr account to post pictures. I will be dumping all my small camera pics and will start to go through the better still camera pics soon. I just found out I did not bring my charger for the digital still camera. Too much of a rush out the door and for some reason I tossed it or it did not make it in my bag. Will see how to fix that, I do have two batteries. Please check the side of the blog for the link to the Flickr account.

That's it for now...

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