Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tuesday update and new clips added to Vimeo

Having trouble with Blogger again. Wanted to let you know there are some new clips on the Vimeo site. Will be booking my hotel for France in a few minutes through the web. I leave in the morning for a 12:00pm flight and will arrive at my final destination around 7:30pm. Interviews the next day, spend the night and then leave early in the morning to come home - woohoo!

Spent the day wandering around collecting some footage. Nothing to exciting. I am tired of filmmaking the sneaky way. I have a couple of pics, but can't seem to get them to load through blogger. Nothing special, so I will just skip it for tonight. I watched some of Barber Shop 2 on the TV. I have not seen any fun TV in a while since CNN International edition is the only thing I can get. Fun to laugh at the TV (Yes, I laugh at the TV, that's where the sound and picture comes from).

Went to McDonalds today. I can't resist trying fast food in other countries. I ordered the McArabia - it was not good. Didn't have the camera with me, so you don't get to see the packaging, but I get the feeling they are making it to be like the street food. Whatever sells I guess, my favorite part is the McDonalds pant the employees where - they were snazzy.

Will talk again soon.

I will see about internet connection while in France, I don't know but will try to make it work.


MARISA said...

hey john- loved the camel ride video the hair sure looks gray in the sun over there!!!

John G said...

It's just the sun, it's not me, it's the sun, I'm sure it is.