Friday, February 22, 2008

Heading to the Desert

Well I have decided, and I might add while the rain was pouring, to make the long trek to the desert. We will see if it works out and turns into interesting footage. More time on the road is not something I look forward too, but it has been rainy here and hard to shoot. Hopefully we will hit some interesting places along the way and I can capture some village life. Leave tomorrow morning (Saturday) and return on Monday. I will then have another day to capture some footage around the Medina and Fez. It does not look like I will be able to talk too much religion with someone on camera or capture religious life on camera, might have to do that back in the states. You can only go so far towards shooting around a Mosque. I was able to film people in the market today, so that went well. most of the trip has turned into tourism, hard to break out of that when that is the only way to get around (as a tourist). I also can't seem to get the footage from the video camera into the computer to show clips. This trip has been filled with those kind of technical challenges.

At times I have felt very lonely and isolated. I really have felt like a foreigner for the first time in my filmmaking. My most trips have been with people I know or at least have met and we work together in country. this has been a little different as it has been guide based or on my own. Not seeing other Americans is not new (Myanmar) but not being with Americans is another thing. I guess I miss the family as I was very busy for the last month before I left for this trip.

Another downside will be lack of internet. I was just starting to catch up on some things (and figure them out) and now will be on the road without . So if you don't hear from me, everything is okay, just no connection.

That's the update.


gyovai family said...

John - Your pictures are wonderful. I love all the different shots, especially the kids at the preschool. We prayed for you as a family tonight - you really need it now. The Lord is with you and will guide your steps. This is his project and he is using you as his tool - a very handsome tool at that:) I miss you and once again am very proud of you. Keep going strong.

Love, Ang

John G said...

Thanks dear. I love and miss you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!