Saturday, February 23, 2008

Pictures updated on the Flickr site

Lots of pictures from the road trip today on the Flickr site.

Made it to the hotel after 8 hours on the road. Beautiful trip. This has to be the new motorcycle ride for some people I know who might be interested (Tim!). We passed a bunch of guys hauling dirt bikes on trailers to the desert. Hopefully the rain will stop (it is causing the electricity to go out in my room) - so pray for no rain!

Feeling a little under the weather. Sleep has been little and cold rainy conditions do not help. Will try to get a good rest tonight. Tomorrow we are off to a market and then to the desert. Getting ready to send off a bigger overview of the trip. Should be later tonight. Need to continue to work through technical difficulties with laying footage into Final Cut Pro.

Not sure if any of this is interesting to any of you (except the family). Still trying to figure out how to make it interesting. Sometimes I forget to pull the camera out, like today when we (the driver and I) stopped for some food and the guy who was fixing our food finished off the meat on a hind quarter and walked over in front of our table and threw the big leg bone in the trash can in front of us. Didn't take long before the dogs got it. Too funny. Don't ask if anybody washes their hands, I am kind of suprised I have not hugged the toilet yet. I do have hair coming out in weird places...

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