Monday, February 18, 2008

Trouble loading video clips...

Hey gang.

Having trouble loading video clips. Will have to wait until I get to a stable internet setting, hopefully that won't be backhome :-)

Here's a pic of the home I stayed in last night. It was cold and the family let me sleep with the heater in the room. I loaded up on shirts (long and short) and doubled up on pants and socks. Still cold. Ambian to the rescue.

Tomorrow is shooting around Aydin, Turkey and then back to Izmir by train. I will be traveling like a school kid with a note in Turkish for the taxi cab driver to take me to a hotel near the airport. I'm not worried... not a lot.


Dee said...

Dear Uncle John: I hope you have a good trip and good stuff. Love, Megan

Hi Unc John its Rachel your pictures are cool!!!! bye :)

John G said...

Thanks Rachel. Maybe I will try to find some more animals to take pictures of in Morocco. Tell Liam I am going to get some close-ups of SNAKES!

John G said...

Thanks Megan. You are the best typer I know. I am always looking for "Good Stuff" but Uncle John don't like jail, so he be good.

We be jammin'