Sunday, March 20, 2011

Made it to Liberia!

Brussels was my first stop. Bumped to an aisle seat in in the extended leg room section and had no charge on the bags! (+1 for United). Have you ever went on a trip and not really checked the itinerary until you're heading out? Well the wife asked what my layover was in Brussels and I was like "I don't know." Turned out to be five hours long. Oh, so fun...

Second leg was another oops, as I did not know we were going to Ghana to pick up some people on our way to Liberia. Oh well.

Made it through customs, even though the lady said I had to pay a tax on the equipment. Said I have never had to do that. Debated with her for a while and she let me go. Close one.

After that it was waiting outside while my pickup people show up 45 minutes late and then it was out to dinner.

Now off to bed. Will post pics sometime tomorrow!

Have pics but really slow connection and I have been up for 0ver 28 hours.

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