Saturday, March 26, 2011

Day Five shooting complete & on the road home

So this quick trip is now 12 hours away from being done. Just the last leg home with one tired, smelly and slightly cranky white guy (of course that is my daily condition).

Day four included b-roll in a very, large street market setting. A little overwhelming, so today we went to a smaller market and that worked out better. We also went to the Firestone rubber plant and talked to people who have been affected by the toxic waste dumped into the river. Interesting to see thousands of rubber trees lined up in acres and acres of fields. From there I jumped on the plane finished with a whirlwind trip and some pretty interesting locations.

Liberia is an interesting place; overcoming a civil war and trying to stand on it's own two feet is not easy to do.

I am so tired I would be dangerous to drive (or operate a keyboard) so I will cut it short. Stomach a little queasy from airline food and lack of sleep.

Included a picture from Day 4 - Enjoy and will post again once I get home and sleep for a while!

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