Thursday, March 24, 2011

Day four complete...

Today was a so -so day for shooting. Tried to collect b-roll in the main market center. A little overwhelming to the be the white guy with a camera and trying to be discreet, so I thought I would include some images from day three. Look at the places I get to go for those of you who think I am riding the high life overseas. Hot water and A/C is out in the hotel, but over all I have slept well at this place (thanks to a ceiling fan above the bed). Tomorrow we head off to the Firestone rubber plant to interview people suffering from toxic waste. I also get to head home in the afternoon. Great news, but I am a little concerned that the shooting will get pushed as late as possible and something will go wrong. I do not want to spend the night in the Liberian airport.

Will get my butt kicked on the flight home as it is 24 hours in an airplane or airport. This time you know what you are in for, the movies you have seen, the hour sitting in Accra, Ghana is not a break but a drag and new people to share a very small space with - but hey, I'm heading home :-).

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