Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day two of shooting & internet issues

We completed day two of the five day trip. The most interesting part of the day was our trip to the Rock Community. It's a large rock quarry where men, women and children live and work. We went to interview people (including children) about the conditions they live and work in and talk about poverty and how it affects them. It was hard to find people to talk and I had someone with me who did not understand interviewing, which basically meant he would feed them enough of the question and answer, that they only had to respond with very brief answers. I was just trying to keep up with shooting, much less directing and interviewing while shooting. The images will be strong, not sure about the interviews. The sad part about poverty is it is a cycle. Parents have children they can't support and once a child can make any amount of money at all, there is no hope that they will ever go to school. I am surprised with the people we have interviewed, that many point to loosing someone, a father or mother, early in life and how much that affected them and changed the course of who they have become. We ended up offering the chairman of the Rock Community some money. The person I was with had no Liberian money, so I offered some US dollars. $10 was a good amount and it turned out I had $9 or $20. So he got more and was a happy camper after that.

I think this blog will be more of a post trip blog since it is hard to load images and I am still tired (the heat does not help). At least I kept lunch down today, which was a mix of rice, greens, meat, chicken and fish. Every bite had a bone.

Also having some issues with the internet today. When the power went out during the day, it never really came back up to speed (slower than dial up, but hey it was something).

Only going to include one picture from today and that is me with the small children that live in the Rock Community. They didn't really want to come close and take a picture.

Happens to me often overseas...

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Dee said...

Oh my goodness. How can you take it? How can you walk away from the kids? What happens in your mind that enables you to take in such poverty and keep moving forward. Is it numbing? Love you bunches, Dee