Friday, April 4, 2008

John learning to edit on Final Cut Pro

Yes, it had to be done. I switched from the edit system I have used for the last 13 years to Final Cut Pro. And this is pretty much how my first day went. As I entered uncharted waters the help of "Final Cut Pro for Avid Editors" was a boost to my shattered self confidence. Sure the picture is a little dramatic and it actually turned out to go better each day - enough to say I finished my first editing project. Will see if I can post the project as it is material from a faith based org doing work in sensitive areas (yes, ignore the lightning bolts in the FCP window, this is serious stuff).

And I have figured out how to export the right aspect, so I can actually post clips now.



Matt said...

Keep at it. The more you edit on it, the faster you'll get.

Tom said...

Welcome to the other side, man. :) Shoot off some questions if you get stuck.

John G said...

I am making my way through it. Some things I really like, some things not so much. Overall it has not been bad. It seems really good for projects with graphics and effects. Straight doc cutting on an hour show - I would take Avid.

I like the fact that it feels like other companies are helping to grow and develop the product (Aja, Black Magic, etc) and not stuck under the lordship of Avid :-)