Friday, March 14, 2008

Saddle up campers for "Domestic Filmmaking"

Yup, you read it right, John is on the road again. This time I am heading out to Phoenix, AZ (I must be attracted to hot sand). You think it will be a piece of cake because it's America? Guess again!

I leave Saturday evening for four days of shooting two different projects. One is the domestic side of the international trip (remember that one?) and the other is a fun little promotional piece for Frontiers. This time I think I can bring you some behind the scenes footage and fun updates. My edit system is working and I am off to get a new still camera that will record in a video format I can do some quick editing so the adventure is a little less choppy. I have heard some people watched clips in reverse (mainly because I have to remember to load them in reverse :-).

We will give it another go, so follow along and as always:



Tom said...

Hope it goes well, man. I'll be watching...

John G said...

Made it to Phoenix. Will post an update. And yes I think Global Voices Minneapolis would rock. I hear you have some experience running documentary film groups... You are the man!