Sunday, March 16, 2008

John arrives in Phoenix and meets Shaq!

Okay, so the second part is not true, but the first part is true - does that make it a half truth? We can call it marketing...

Anyway, I made here and it is 5:24am my time. Small delay in Denver and then another delay with the rental car. I flew Frontier and the bag check was not working so I was able to scoot on board without paying for an extra bag or weight. The above pic is is one weary guy ready for bed and the equipment I get to lug around.

Tomorrow I will be filmming at a church and doing some interviews in the afternoon. I should really unpack all the gear and get it ready for tomorrow, but I am too tired. Need the rest.

Will update at the end of tomorrow.

Thanks for following along.


Tom said...

You should start all your interviews by asking them if they know Shaq...

John G said...

How many people know Shaq is with Phoenix now? I should start off interviews asking "How long will this take?"

Shaq who?