Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My next adventure begins...

I'm all for being aware of your surroundings, but this is just a little too much information. Which leads me into my new post. I will be traveling with my brother Tim to Yosemite National Park on Wednesday. We plan to hike Half Dome and venture around the park before heading into San Fransisco for the weekend. Should be a lot of fun, and the good news is you get to come along! Ain't cyberspace great. We have started a new blog so we might share this great adventure.

The new blog is called "Nut and Chocolate" and follows are trip through photography and video. I invite you to follow along! Check it out here: Nut and Chocolate


Rick Deutsch said...

I saw the sign pix on Nuts and Choc... Asked...wehre was it taken...or did you google images it? Not in Yosem...no grizzlies.


John G said...

Hi Rick.
You are smarter than the average bear!

Here is the reply I just responded to on the other blog:

Hi Rick.
Yes, it is not Yosemite. My brother sent it to me a while ago when we first started to make the plans. I think he was messing with my head! Two things: I think it is maybe Canada (the reference to B.C.) and I guess it has been altered in Photoshop. Do you think someone would actually post a sign like that?

Anonymous said...